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Young Jewish boy beaten by neo-Nazis for wearing Jewish skullcap

By Mason White 5:22 PM April 23, 2014
Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man walking in the street illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
A young Jewish boy was beaten by a group of neo-Nazis for wearing his skullcap on a street in Hungary, the victim wrote on Facebook.

The incident happened when the young Jewish boy met with his friends in Budapest, not far from a local synagogue.

He was attacked by a gang of neo-Nazis because he wore his skullcap, he told friends on Facebook. The boy told his friends that was beaten on the head and suffered a broken nose.

He said that he is still in shock that such a thing happened to him in a free country. His family decided not to remain silent and is publicizing the story.

The boy said that he will continue to wear his skullcap in public. In January, a Hebrew teacher was severely beaten while he was walking home from evening prayers in an anti-Semitic attack, according to a statement released by the World Jewish Congress.

The Israeli born teacher in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev was beaten, in what local Jewish leaders said was an anti-Semitic incident. World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer called the beating “a vicious act that should not go unpunished,” and said that the World Jewish Congress was closely following the situation.

A group of at least four thugs beat Professor Hillel Wertheimer on Saturday night, after following him home from synagogue services. The head of the Vaad of Ukraine, said that three of the four men beat and kicked Wertheimer in the lobby of his house.

A neighbor came down to investigate after hearing Wertheimer shouting for help. The teacher was taken to a local hospital for treatment.