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Man who came back to his hometown after 24 years beaten to death after being mistaken for kidnapper

By Mason White 11:36 AM April 24, 2014
Tolulope Olajuwape 

By: Aarav Sen
A Man who went missing 24 years ago, was beaten to death when he returned to his hometown, police in Nigeria said.

Lagos State Police said that neighbors of the man’s father lynched the 41 year old after being mistaken for a kidnapper.

Tolulope Olajuwape was beaten to death by residents of the Fasanya Street apartment complex. The older sister of the deceased, Oluwakemi Adesanya, said that her brother had been out of Nigeria for many years.

Olajuwape came back to Nigeria in order to visit his parents. He did not know that his mother had already passed away.

A woman, who did not know about Olajuwape, began telling neighbors that a suspicious man is in the neighborhood after which Olajuwape was beaten to death.

After leaving Nigeria 24 years ago, Olajuwape spent five years in Sierra Leone, and 19 years in Guinea Bissau.

Adesanya said that she received a call late at night that her brother has returned to town only to be beaten by the mob. The next morning, she visited the area and she was told that a kidnapping suspect had been lynched.

His body was thrown onto the main road and was crushed by oncoming vehicles. According to reports, police have arrested several suspects including the woman who told neighbors that a suspicious man was in the area.