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Man kills his neighbor because he left early from his party

By Mason White 11:40 AM April 24, 2014
Brandon Jerome Stanfield 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man is dead after his neighbor shot him because he left early from his party, police in Maryland said.

Baltimore Police said that the Windsor Mill man has been charged in the shooting death of his neighbor over the weekend.

30-year-old Brandon Jerome Stanfield of Rocky Brook Court, was charged with first-degree murder on Tuesday. Police said that Stanfield shot 39-year-old Michael Jefferson Jr., after an argument.

Stanfield had hosted a cookout earlier in the day, and said that he felt disrespected when Jefferson left early. The defendant went to Jefferson’s home with a gun and when the man said he did not want guns in his home, Stanfield shot Jefferson.

Jefferson was found with multiple gunshot wounds at the front door of his home. Jefferson was declared dead at the scene. Stanfield was booked into the Baltimore County Detention Center after being denied bail.