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Agents find little girl curled up inside suitcase in smuggling attempt

By Mason White 11:43 AM April 24, 2014
Haniya Kanaan in a suitcase 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Customs agents were shocked to find a little girl curled up inside a suitcase, police in Spain said.

Now, a Moroccan father who was arrested after trying to smuggle his daughter into Spain by hiding her in his luggage, has been told she can stay in the country.

Customs officials found eight-year-old Haniya Kanaan huddled inside the small suitcase after her 38-year-old father entered the country on a legal work permit. Although Kanaan faces a fine for trying to smuggle his daughter, a judge has ruled that she can live with her father, adding that she will also be permitted to enroll in school.

The girl was found while customs officials were searching the man’s car. The eight year old was taken to a hospital.

Doctors said that she could have been left with brain damage after being locked in the suitcase due to lack of oxygen. “Had there been a delay at the border the girl could have died,” a spokesperson for the hospital said.