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2-year-old boy seen on video getting stuck inside washing machine

By Mason White 12:37 PM April 28, 2014
Boy stuck in washing machine 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A little boy became stuck and needed to be rescued by firefighters after he thought it was a good idea to play inside a washing machine, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.

The two-year-old boy of China, climbed into the spinning apparatus with a toy, but then he got his legs stuck in the basket.

Firefighters had to be called to the house of the boy’s family in the eastern city of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province. After discussing how to free the child, they decided to carefully cut open the device.

They first used a hacksaw and hydraulic pliers to open up the washer cabinet, and then used a saw and scissors to break the basket. After a delicate 30-minute operation, the boy was released unharmed.

In January, an 11-year-old girl was left embarrassed after she got stuck in a washing machine for 90 minutes. The girl of Utah, was playing hide and seek with her cousins when she decided to use the washing machine as her hiding place.

It was indeed a great hiding place, as no one was able to find her. After a while, she decided it was time to get out of the washer. However, as she tried to get out, she was unable to do so. She was stuck.

The girl cried out for help and her cousins tried to rescue her. They used butter, peanut butter and ice, but were unable to free her, so they called 911.

Firefighters arrived on the scene with a variety of tools to rescue the girl. However, they first had to remove the stackable dryer and then they were able to cut the washing machine to rescue the girl.

Firefighters who rescued the girl, said that she squeezed into a tight spot causing her legs to become temporarily paralyzed, but she did not suffer any long-term damage. More than anything, the girl suffered from shame, therefore, she asked that her identity not be revealed.