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Suicidal teen seen on video using automatic weapons to brush his teeth

By Mason White 12:51 PM April 29, 2014
Teen brushing his teen with automatic weapon 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A crazy teen was seen on video brushing his teeth by attaching a toothbrush to automatic weapons, videos uploaded to YouTube showed.

The teen daredevil of Japan, uploaded several videos of him brushing his teeth with different automatic weapons to YouTube.

All the videos have since gone viral. In a series of scary clips, the young man, who goes by the YouTube screen name of tokioFN, is seen applying toothpaste to his brush before attaching it to various weapons. Once the toothbrush is firmly attached, he shoots the weapons, which causes the brush to clean his teeth.

The teenager seems to be visibly hurt on more than one occasion, as the recoil of the gun pounds the toothbrush in his mouth. His latest antics involved an automatic rifle.

Fortunately, the gun was pointed away from the teenager as he pulled the trigger, which means that the worst pain he can expect is a toothache. Most YouTube viewers believe that the teen is nuts.

Nohiro wrote: “thought Japanese people were superior in everything. Until this video,” while Anime Master ZERO wrote: “First thought before I started watching: This seems like a terrible idea. First thought after I started watching: Yep! This was a terrible idea.”