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Armed robbery suspect stripped of his constitutional right to an attorney after abusing 5 court appointed lawyers

By Mason White 12:57 PM April 29, 2014
Joshua Nisbet 

By: Hydar Tomar
An armed robbery suspect will have no choice but to represent himself after being stripped of his right to an attorney, according to court proceedings in Maine.

Joshua Nisbet was seen questioning witnesses seated behind a table with a fabric skirt to prevent jurors seeing his shackles.

Nisbet was stripped of his constitutional right to an attorney after five public defenders asked to be taken off the case. The last two lawyers withdrew after Nisbet threatened to shoot one of them in the eye with a gun.

Nisbet, 36, of Scarborough, has been in the Cumberland County jail for nearly three years since he was accused of wielding a knife during a robbery at a convenience store in South Portland.

Nisbet is the first defendant in Maine, to be stripped of his constitutional right to counsel. Judge Thomas Warren ruled that Nisbet effectively lost his right to counsel through his actions.

Nisbet claims that he is the victim of a police conspiracy that included forged documents.