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Teen infects 324 men with HIV as revenge because rapist infected her

By Mason White 2:29 PM April 3, 2014
The woman 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman caused outrage after she wrote a post on Facebook saying how she deliberately infected men with HIV.

The teen, who is a student at the Kabarak University in Nakuru, has confessed to deliberately infecting 324 men so far.

The 19 year old posted her confession on the Kenya scandals Facebook page. She also admitted that she has set herself a goal of infecting at least 2,000 men with HIV.

The teen, who did not give her name, revealed that she was infected with HIV by a man she met at a party.

The teen explained that she went clubbing and got drunk with some senior students. When they returned, they went to a hotel party. When she awoke the next day, she found herself next to a man named Javan.

The teen asked Javan if they had sex the night before, and when he said that they did, she asked if he used a condom. He said: “yes.”

However, the teen discovered sperm near her privates while taking a shower. “I wanted to commit suicide,” she wrote. “I was afraid that I might have gotten pregnant or contracted HIV,” she wrote.

On a later date, when she got tested, she was informed that she was indeed HIV positive.

“My future is ruined and somehow, someone had to pay,” the teen wrote.