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3-year-old boy wows judges and crowd with adorable dance moves

By Mason White 2:26 PM April 6, 2014
Zhang Junhao 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A charming young boy brought laughs and cheers to three judges and the crowd with his adorable performance.

3-year-old Zhang Junhao of Shandong province, China, who loves to dance, walked up on stage confidently and with big speakers.

He asked one of the judges to handle the remote control for him as he danced. The child danced to a number of songs and everyone loved his act.

When the judge changed the song during his performance the child was not fazed. He just moved on to the next dance.

At 4:22 in the video below, the 3-year-old boy is seen doing a robot dance like a pro.

Junhao’s performance was part of the TV show called Amazing Chinese, which is like the U.S. version of America’s Got Talent.

The child explained that he loved to dance because he likes to make people happy. His mother explained that her son danced since he was 10 months old.