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Two men who fought over one woman move in together to raise her children after she died

By Mason White 12:14 PM April 8, 2014
Mark Motteram (left) and Steve Cook (right) 

By: Hydar Tomar
Two men who loved one woman, decided to make peace after the woman died.

Anne Motteram of the United Kingdom, was married to Mark Motteram, 45, and had three children with him, Luke, 16, Toni, 13, and Ben, 8.

Mark Motteram also helped raise her two older children from a previous relationship, as his own.

After Anne Motteram and her husband Mark, were separated for about 5 years, she then began a relationship with Steve Cook, 37, and had one daughter with him.

Sadly, Anne Motteram suffered a fatal heart attack at her home in Southampton, several days after turning 40 years old.

The men who both loved Anne Motteram, and her children decided to put their differences behind so that they could raise all the children together.

Mr. Cook and Mr. Motteram did well raising the unconventional family for a while, but then the animosity between them became too great, the Winchester Crown Court heard.

The two went their separate ways, and began a bitter custody battle when Mr. Cook wanted to move out of town with his daughter, 4-year-old Catalina.

Mr. Cook moved to Derby, where he won custody of his daughter, while Motteram won visitation rights. Mr. Cook was ordered to take the child for four holidays a year to Southampton so she can see her siblings.

When Cook dropped off his daughter for the first visit he went straight to the Southampton Central police station where he told officers that he had concerns about the welfare of the children.

Mr. Cook claimed that Motteram had a stash of drugs in the house and that there was no food in the house, the court heard.

Police raided the property, where they found lots of healthy food and a full freezer, and there were no signs of drugs.

The false accusation angered Mr. Motteram, who armed himself with a 4 inch kitchen knife, and when Mr. Cook came to pick up his daughter at the end of the week he was stabbed him in the chest.

Cook was taken to a hospital where he was treated for the non life-threatening stab wound. Motteram was jailed.

He was recently sentenced to 4 years in prison for the crime. An attempted murder charge however, was dropped.

Motteram said that he was remorseful and wished he had never stabbed the man as his family enjoyed spending time with Catalina and she was well cared for in his home.