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New York nursing home forces male strippers onto elderly patients

By Mason White 10:18 AM April 9, 2014
The stripper standing over Bernice Youngblood 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) A photo is making its rounds on the Internet showing a male stripper standing over an elderly woman.

The woman was seen placing money into the underwear of the male stripper.

Residents who make up the planning council at the East Neck Nursing Center in Long Island, thought that bringing strippers would make the elderly people happy.

They all voted to bring the male stripper in as part of an activity program.

However, the The family of 85 -year-old Bernice Youngblood was not amused. One of her children found a picture of their mother placing a dollar in the underwear of the stripper, who was standing over her.

They feel that their mother, who suffers from dementia, was violated, and that she was confused and scared when the stripper stood over her.

Several other residents of the nursing home in West Babylon were present in the room. The family claims that the other women were crying.

However, an attorney for the nursing home pointed out that the women seem to be enjoying themselves as the woman next to Mrs. Youngblood was seen smiling.

The family decided to file a lawsuit against the nursing home for the inappropriate actions, while their mother still lives at the nursing home.

The family complained not only about the strip show, but for the fact that Mrs.Youngblood’s money was supposed to be locked safely away.