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Boy caught raping dead chickens before his family cooked and ate it for dinner

By Mason White 10:26 AM April 9, 2014
Chicken illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
A family knowingly ate a chicken that a boy used for sex.

The 17-year-old boy was caught raping the dead chickens, which he was supposed to clean for his neighbor.

The boy of South Africa, was ordered to pay for the chickens so that his neighbor can buy new chickens to replace the ones he had violated.

However, rather than throwing out the violated chickens his family said that they “cooked it, ate it and had a lovely dinner.”

Dimakatso Marotola, 23, of Mahwelereng, near Mokopane, Limpopo, said that she had asked the teenager neighbor to kill and clean two chickens for her.

When the boy took a long time to return, Dimakatso went to find out what was happening.

What she saw disgusted her so badly that she is now unable to eat chicken. “He had the chicken on his lap and was busy raping it from behind while plucking it,” Marotola said.

“He looked happy and he was enjoying himself,” she added. Dimakatso checked the other chicken and found that it has also been raped.

When Marotola confronted the teen he confessed to the act and said that “chickens turn him on.”

Marotola was horrified. She said that she heard that people violate the animals, but she never believed it until she saw it with her own eyes. “It made me sick,” Marotola said.

Dimakatso said that the boy had plucked chickens for her before. “I do not even want to think of what he did to them. He is sick and needs help,” she added.

The child’s parents paid to replace the two chickens. The boy’s 19-year-old sister said that she was not surprised by her brother’s actions but added: “we cooked the two chickens and had a nice dinner.”