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Police officer sentenced to death after killing pregnant woman for no reason

By Mason White 11:10 AM April 9, 2014
Hu Ping 

By: Aarav Sen
A family was devastated when a police officer killed a woman for no reason.

The police officer of Guigang, China, lost his appeal and his death sentence was upheld by the High Court.

Hu Ping, 33, is in custody for shooting and killing a pregnant restaurant owner because she did not have milk tea.

The incident began when officer Ping, arrived at the restaurant while intoxicated. Ping asked the owner if she had milk tea, and when he was told that there is none, he shot her and her husband.

The woman and her fetus died at the hospital. Her husband was also injured, police said.

Many people suggested that officers should not be allowed to carry a weapon while off duty. Ping was sentenced to death. He appealed his case and lost the appeal.