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Woman shocked to receive birthday card from her parents years after they died

By Mason White 7:05 AM April 11, 2014
Birthday card illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A woman is very surprised after receiving a birthday card from her late parents.

The woman was very touched when she got the piece of mail from her parents 45 years late.

The birthday card was intended to reach the woman on her 19th birthday.

Susan Heifetz of Brooklyn, New York, received a call from a man, who lives on East 12th Street, in the apartment where she grew up.

The man informed her that the letter, which was addressed to her, came to his apartment.

The birthday card has finally reached its destination, 45 years after it was mailed. Her parents both died more than a decade ago, but the envelope was postmarked June 26, 1969.

“I always knew that my parents watched the family. It’s something else to get something like this. It validates everything,” Heifetz said.

Heifetz was touched when she got the envelope with her mother’s signature and lipstick kiss on the back. “That was my mothers thing at the time, sealed with a kiss,” she explained.