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Brand new home destroyed by rats after they ate through pipes causing ceiling to collapse

By Mason White 7:21 AM April 11, 2014
Rat in house illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A family was excited to move into their brand new home only to be taken over by rates.

4 months after moving into their newly built home, the bathroom roof collapsed onto the homeowner.

The new home in Australia, has been eaten from the inside by rats. The homeowner, Ann Barker, said that she discovered the damage caused by rats when the bathroom ceiling fell on her on Tuesday.

Barker, who lives in Clyde North, a suburb in Melbourne, said that her daughter had to be pulled from under the rubble after the roof collapsed on top of her.

The rats have chewed through ten pipes. “I have two more leaks,” Barker said. The repairs will cost thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately for the homeowner, these damages are not covered by her insurance policy since her house is so new, the construction company might chip in and help pay for the repairs.