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Texas woman castrates man after he sexually assaults her

By Mason White 6:14 PM April 12, 2014
Cristal Paulette Richardson 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A woman was arrested after she cut off the genitals of a man, who allegedly raped her.

The 30-year-old woman has been charged with fatally stabbing and cutting the genitals of the man in a motel room.

Cristal Paulette Richardson stabbed the man identified as Cedric Lamont Owens, 34, over 130 times in the motel room in Dallas, Texas, after a night of heavy drinking and drug use.

“You are going to see some of the worst images of your lifetime,” prosecutor Josh Healy told the jury during the murder trial. “I do not envy your position.”

Richardson pleaded not guilty to the horrific crime. Her attorney Paul Johnson said that his client acted in self defense.

Prosecutors said that Richardson met Owens in a convenience store before going to the motel. It is unclear whether the couple was dating or had met for the first time.

The court heard that the couple stopped several times that night, and Owens bought alcohol, marijuana, cocaine and PCP.

Prosecutors said that three other couples joined the party at a Motel 6 on Interstate 30. Owens paid for the room.

During the night, a security guard heard a loud disturbance from the room and saw Richardson running out of the room with no clothes and covered in blood.

He called police, who found Owens dead in the room. No one else was in the room at the time.

The Dallas coroner who examined Owens’ body, discovered that he had “multiple stab wounds in his upper body, his throat was cut and his genitals amputated.”

Richardson told police that Owens sexually assaulted her.

Richardson has a criminal record, which includes convictions for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, theft, marijuana possession and driving drunk.