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Man wearing suit seen on video being pulled like dog with leash in public

By Mason White 11:49 AM April 13, 2014
The man on a leash 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) People were shocked by the sight of a well-dressed man being pulled with a dog leash.

While seeing men in suits walking with women is an ordinary sight, this couple who were spotted walking together, was very strange.

Commuters in London, England, were left speechless after seeing the man wearing a dress shirt, pants and shoes crawling on the sidewalk on all fours while being dragged by the woman.

The woman who was also dressed in work attire, was walking a few steps ahead of the man while holding the leash attached to the man’s neck.

The dark haired woman had a coffee and her purple purse in her right hand while pulling the man on the leash with her left hand.

The strange couple was seen walking down the side of the road near the Farringdon station. Given that it was during the rush hour commute, many passersby grabbed their cell phones and recorded the strange couple.

Some people pointed out that this could have been part of a sex fetish.