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Probation officer resigns after teen killed a father to be under his watch

By Mason White 12:16 PM April 13, 2014
Nathan and Jennifer Trapuzzano 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A pregnant woman is devastated after her husband was killed a short time before she was due to give birth.

Simeon Adams, 16, was on probation when he shot and killed 24-year-old Nathan Trapuzzano.

Adams had a curfew and was supposed to be home at the time of the shooting. A probation officer went to check on Adams a number of times and he was not home when he was supposed to be there.

However, probation officer Tracy McDonald of Indianapolis, Indiana, did not immediately file a probation violation, which would have placed the 16 year old behind bars.

McDonald allowed the teen to continue being on the streets. One early morning, Adams was out on the street when Adams tried to rob him. Surveillance cameras in the area showed Adams and an accomplice following Trapuzzano before killing him.

Adams ordered the father to be to remove his pants at gunpoint, and when he reached down to untie his shoe the suspect shot him.

Trapuzzano, a software engineer, was married to his wife Jennifer about a year and was expecting their first child.

Jennifer said that her husband decided to switch his daily walk from the evenings to the early mornings because he wanted to spend more time with her after work.

May he rest in peace.