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Newlywed woman boasts about having sex 5 times a night

By Mason White 10:29 AM April 14, 2014
Shrien and Anni Dewani 

By: Aarav Sen
A woman was delighted when her husband gave her sex five times in one night.

The woman sent text messages to her cousin while on honeymoon boasting about the wonderful sex she had with her new husband.

Millionaire Shrien Dewani, 34, of Bristol, England, married his wife, Anni Dewani, 28, and went to Cape Town, South Africa, for their honeymoon.

The couple seemed to be having a good time, when suddenly, his wife was shot and killed while traveling in a taxi.

The couple was sitting in the cab when it was hijacked as they drove through the small town of Gugulethu, on the outskirts of Cape Town.

Dewani escaped, but his wife was kidnapped and killed. Her body was found the next morning in the back of an abandoned vehicle.

A subsequent post-mortem examination found that she was shot in the neck.

The taxi driver, Zola Tongo, testified that Dewani set up the killing and paid him for the “job.” Tongo was jailed along with the two gunmen.

Dewani appeared in the Western Cape High Court accused of ordering the murder of his wife.

Prosecutors claimed that Dewani is gay and that he wanted out of the marriage without a divorce so he ordered the killing.

A 40-year-old male prostitute based in Birmingham, told police that he met Dewani for sex after he was engaged to the victim.

The victim’s phone was stolen after she was killed. However, when police were finally able to get hold of the bride’s text messages it showed that the husband and wife clearly enjoyed having sex together.

These text messages disproves the prosecutor’s theory of the husband being gay and it may harm the whole case against the husband.

Mr. Dewani said that he remains committed to proving his innocence and uncover the truth behind the murder of his wife.