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Florida woman dragged out of her garage by a bear

By Mason White 10:00 AM April 14, 2014
Bear illustration 

By: Devansh Dutt
(Scroll down for video) A woman suffered injuries after she was attacked by a bear in her own garage.

Residents in Lake Mary, Florida, said that they are now worried after the bear attacked the woman.

Police believe that the bear wandered into the open garage and was going through the garbage cans in search for food.

The woman, Terry Frana, went to her garage after hearing noise. Once there, she suddenly saw five bears of various sizes sifting through her trash cans.

Before she could escape, one black bear dragged her from inside the garage to the driveway, leaving her with wounds and cuts to her head, shoulder and legs.

After a few terrifying moments the woman finally managed to escape and she ran back to her house, where her husband called 911.
Frana was taken to a hospital for treatment. Police set up traps to catch the bears, but so far, they had no luck, leaving the neighbors worried.