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Man arrested after defecating in hotel lobby because he couldn’t make it to the bathroom

By Mason White 8:11 AM April 16, 2014
Ronnie Lee Warfield 

By: Hydar Tomar
How embarrassing. A grown man was arrested after he accidentally relieved himself in a hotel lobby.

Ronnie Lee Warfield, 31, of Goose Creek, South Carolina, was arrested after he allegedly removed his pants and defecated on the floor of the hotel in downtown Charleston.

According to Charleston Police, Warfield was charged with public defecation and indecent exposure after the incident in the lobby of the Francis Marion Hotel.

When officers arrived at the hotel at 3:45 a.m., they found a “large amount of fecal matter” on the lobby floor a few feet from the bathroom.

An officer found Warfield cleaning himself in the bathroom. “I did not mean to do it, I just couldn’t hold it in,” Warfield told the officer.

Warfield offered to clean the mess he made, but neither the officer nor the hotel managers would hear of it.

A hotel employee told police that surveillance video showed Warfield trying to enter the code to the bathroom door, but was having trouble, so he took off his pants and defecated on the floor of the lobby.

Warfield was arrested and his bail was set at $940.