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Teens get very sick after being tied to tree with venomous ants for stealing motorbike

By Mason White 8:50 AM April 16, 2014
People covered with bees illustration 

By: Anika Rao
Two teenagers were hospitalized and suffered severe injuries after being fed to venomous ants.

The two teenagers of Bolivia, nearly died after they were punished for allegedly stealing a motorbike.

The two teenagers who are said to be 18 and 19 years old, were accused of stealing three motorbikes from the nearby village of Cochabamba.

When they were caught, villagers demanded that they pay about $3,700 to replace the bikes.

When the teenagers explained that they did not have the money angry villagers tied them to the tree, which is home to poisonous ants.

They were held captive for three days. The teens were eventually allowed to contact their families for the money.

The sister of one of the victims said that the teens were only released after their family agreed to pay the ransom.

She added that if the money had not been paid quickly, the two teens could have died.

After the ordeal the victims were hospitalized. One is in critical condition and was placed in the intensive care unit. His friend needs dialysis for kidney failure caused by the venomous ants.

Interestingly enough, the venom from theses aunts have anti-inflammatory properties and is used as a cure for arthritis. However, large doses of the venom can be very harmful.