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Teenager eats live goldfish while friends record the act

By Mason White 12:54 PM April 17, 2014
Gold fish illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A teenager in England, has caused outrage after he was seen on video eating a live goldfish.

People have reacted with anger and dismay after the video was posted on YouTube.

The video showed the teenager apparently swallowing a goldfish alive in an amusement park in Newmarket, Suffolk.

RSPCA officers want to locate this teen, who was seen laughing and eating the fish, while his friend laughed and cheered him on. The RSPCA wants the teen prosecuted.

The video went viral and it led to massive protests by people demanding that the teen be prosecuted for animal cruelty. People also want a ban on giving fish as a prize at fairs.

Larry Gray, who operates the fair, said that the incident was “disgusting” and “disgraceful.”

“We completely condemn this and we are very upset to hear about it. Goldfish are given as prizes at the fair, but they are only given to adults,” Gray said.