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Man killed in fight with sister’s lover over parking space

By Mason White 12:18 PM April 18, 2014
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By: Aarav Sen
A man was brutally killed over a parking space at the family home.

The Kweyama family of Inanda, South Africa, were watching television when they heard people arguing outside.

Ntokozo Chamane, 26, said that when she went to check what was going on, she found her brother, Sabelo Kweyama, and her sister’s lover arguing.

Kweyama allegedly told his sister’s boyfriend lover not park his car in the family’s yard.

Kweyama told the man that having a baby with his sister, did not entitle him to disrespect their home and act as if he was the husband of his sister Lungi Kweyama.

The baby’s daddy, who works as a taxi driver, became angry with Kweyama. At that point, he called other taxi drivers to come by and help him out.

A few minutes later, a taxi arrived and 10 people jumped out. One of the men approached Kweyama from behind and stabbed him in the neck.

The men then jumped into the car and sped away, leaving Kweyama to die. The family rushed Kweyama to a hospital, but he was pronounced dead.

“We never expected our sister’s boyfriend to do that to us, we saw him as part of our family,” Chamane said.

“We do not know how we will welcome him if he comes to see his son,” she added.

Meanwhile, Lungi said that she wants nothing to do with the father of her baby. “I do not want to see that evil man near me and my son anymore,” she said.

Captain Thulani Zwane said that the Inanda police are investigating the murder, but so far, no one has been arrested.