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Man seeking revenge licks police officer’s eyeballs while being arrested

By Mason White 11:38 AM April 20, 2014
Nicholas Christopher Hiatt 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man called police for help, but instead he was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

Nicholas Christopher Hiatt, 34, of Montana, called police to report a theft at a bar.

However, when officers arrived at the Pisser’s Palace bar they discovered that Hiatt had an active warrant for his arrest in a neighboring county.

Officers informed Hiatt that he is under arrest. Hiatt resisted as police tried to handcuff him.

After a struggle the police officers were able to handcuff the suspect. While officers were putting Hiatt in the patrol car he allegedly turned around and licked one of the officer’s eyeball.

This added to the man’s charges. Hiatt is now being held on $45,000 bond. His charges include felony assault and misdemeanor assault with bodily fluids.