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Miracle baby born to father who underwent reconstructive surgery after botched circumcision

By Mason White 10:47 AM April 22, 2014
Newborn baby illustration 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) A man is speaking about his ordeal of having penis reconstructive surgery as he wants to give hope to others.

Mike Moore, 30, of Mississippi, made ​​history by becoming the first person to have a child with penis reconstructive surgery.

Moore lost his penis during a botched circumcision operation when he was only 7 years old.

He was bullied as a result of losing his penis and spent years suffering from depression and low self-esteem.

One day, his uncle heard of a man who had reconstructive surgery done by Dr. Gordon Lee and it was successful.

That is when Moore traveled to Dr. Lee, a specialist in reconstructive plastic surgery at Stanford Medical Center, in California.

He had the surgery done in 2007, and it was successful.
Moore met his wife Heather, in 2011. She later became pregnant after an artificial insemination with sperm from Mike.

The baby is now six months old, and his parents dress him in Superman gear because he is their miracle baby.
The couple said that they will try to have a second child.