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Man sends 1,130 ducklings to boss’ home over wage dispute

By Mason White 11:58 AM April 23, 2014
Duckling invade boss’ home 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A business owner was horrified when 1,130 baby ducks invaded his home.

He was even more surprised to learn that he was being charged for the adorable creatures.

It all began over a dispute the worker had with his boss in Sichuan, China.

60-year-old Chiu Xiang, began working for a company three years ago, but decided to quit. Before leaving, he asked for the wages still owed to him.

Xiang believed he was owed RMB 3,000 (about $480), but his boss, Hung Bin, argued that he did not owe him anything.

They argued back and forth for a while, but when they were not getting anywhere Xiang came up with an unusual revenge plot against his former boss.

He contacted a farmer named Chen, and ordered 1,130 ducklings to be delivered the house of his boss, telling them they will be paid upon delivery.

When the special delivery arrived, Bin’s home was completely overrun by small ducklings, but the plot thickened when Chen demanded payment from Bin.

A confused Bin refused to pay. Xiang, who ordered the ducklings, also refused to pay the money he owed for the delivery and insisted that Chen get the money from his former employer.

Chen, realizing that he was in the center of a sick prank, was understandably upset over the nonsense and he was worried about the safety of the ducklings, so he called the police.

Chen collected the ducklings and Xiang was told that he needed to pay for the delivery and for the ducklings that were lost while running free in his former boss’ home.

As for the dispute with his boss, the two men were told to take the matter to court.