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Couple marries outside their burned down home after firefighter rescues the ring

By Mason White 11:50 AM April 24, 2014
House of fire illustration 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) It was an emotional time for a couple and their two children as they watched their house go up in flames.

Thankfully, the family escaped unharmed, but they were left only with the clothes on their backs as all their belongings were burned inside.

After the fire was out, Brian Osborne, 34, asked a firefighter if he could kindly go back into the house and check in his room if there was any sign of a ring.

In the bedroom, under a pile of rubble, the firefighter found a charred box, and when he opened the box he saw that the ring has escaped the fire unscathed.

Osborne popped the question on the spot and his girlfriend Megan Hunley said: “yes.” One week later, the couple got married at the same spot in front of their burned down house.

Wearing the clothes in which they escaped the fire, the couple tied the knot. 40 guests including members of the Gales Ferry Volunteer Fire Company, were invited to join their special moment.