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Polygamous lesbian trio of Massachusetts expecting their first child

By Mason White 12:43 PM April 25, 2014
Doll, Kitten, and Brynn Young, at their wedding 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Three lesbian women spoke out about their unique relationship.

The women are all married to each other and sleep in the same bed.

Doll, Kitten, and Brynn Young, claim to be the only threesome lesbian unit in the world, and are now expecting their first baby, a girl.

Brynn, 32, and Doll, 30, had been together for over 2 years when Kitten, 27, joined them.

Brynn, Doll and Kitten, held a wedding ceremony in August, and their fathers walked them down the aisle.

“I cried watching Doll and Kitten, walk down the aisle towards me with their fathers. After we said our vows, Doll and Kitten, kissed me first then each other,” Brynn said.

Although same sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, polygamy is not.

Despite the lack of official recognition of their marriage, the threesome had a lawyer draw up legal papers so that their assets are divided equally between the three of them.

After undergoing IVF with sperm from an unknown donor, Kitten became pregnant with their first child. The woman said that as of now, they are hoping to have three babies, one each.

The trio took on Brynn’s middle name,Young, because she is the family’s main breadwinner.