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Man infects his wife with HIV and then dumps her to live with prostitute

By Mason White 1:08 PM April 25, 2014
Divorce sign 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman became angry after her husband infected her with HIV.

The couple’s 7 year marriage went from bad to worse when the man left his wife after she became ill.

Florence Mazani of Zimbabwe, took her husband to court and asked the Chitungwiza Civil Court judge for an order of protection against her former husband.

Mazani told the judge that her husband, Darlington Tembewa, assaulted her numerous times since he infected her with HIV, and then left her for a well-known prostitute.

Tembewa allegedly promised to take care of his wife after he infected her with HIV. However, he then left her for another woman.

Mazani said that when the couple argues, Tembewa takes her property to give to his new girlfriend.

Tembewa, however, denied all the allegations. “Do I manufacture diseases? I don’t have a company that manufactures AIDS,” Tembewa said in court.

He told the judge that his wife has been taking advantage of being sick, and she always accuses him of lying.

“She talks too much and that is why I had to find shelter with my girlfriend,” he added.

The judge granted the protective order and told Tembewa to stop physically or emotionally abusing Mazani.