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Man killed during party for protecting someone’s cellphone

By Mason White 11:43 AM April 27, 2014
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By: Hydar Tomar
A fun party turned into a funeral after a man was killed while protecting someone’s cellphone.

A man of Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, was brutally assaulted following a dispute with fellow party goers over the cellphone.

Ayibongwe Ncube, 25, died after being assaulted during the argument over the cellphone at a birthday party in the Emakhandeni suburb.

Prosecutors said that five men went after him with bricks and their fists after he had refused to give them the cellphone.

The victim died before being taken to a hospital due to the severity of head injuries he suffered during the attack.

The incident began when Ncube was manning the grill while cooking meat at the request of his friend, Lindile Ndlovu, the host of the party.

Ncube’s friend Clinton, gave him a cellphone to provide more light while he was at the grill. The friend then left to buy more beer for the party.

Two of the alleged murderers approached Ncube and demanded to have the mobile phone he was using, claiming it was theirs.

Ncube refused to hand over the phone explaining that he was not going to give away the cellphone in the absence of Clinton.

The argument escalated into a fight and the two began assaulting the deceased. Three other men joined in the attack.

All five suspects appeared before a Bulawayo judge and are facing murder charges.