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Businessman arrested for using water gun to spray his urine onto random women

By Mason White 2:46 PM April 27, 2014
Ian Wilson 

By: Aarav Sen
A man was arrested after spraying women with a smelly substance, which turned out to be his own urine.

Ian Wilson, 56, of the United Kingdom, has been ordered to pay £50 (about $84) to each of the two women after squirting them using a plastic toy water gun, while they were shopping.

Wilson, who runs an Internet marketing business from his home in Blackburn, Lancashire, slipped behind the victims in broad daylight and sprayed them with his urine.

Wilson told officers that he could offer no explanation for his strange behavior. Two days after his arrest, Wilson was admitted to the psychiatric unit of the Royal Blackburn Hospital, where he was treated for three weeks.

At the Blackburn Magistrates Court, Wilson pleaded guilty to two counts of common assault. The court heard that when the incident took place after Wilson’s relationship with his wife had broken down and he was suffering from a mental breakdown.

His lawyer, Imran Hussain, said that Wilson had suffered from depression and sought help for his condition. “He is deeply ashamed of what he did on that day,” Hussain said.

In court, Wilson was ordered to pay the women and was given a conditional discharge for three months.