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Groom suffers heart attack moments before tying the knot

By Mason White 8:16 AM April 30, 2014
Wedding cake illustration 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A wedding ceremony was cut short after the groom suffered a heart attack.

However, the man was determined to marry his bride so they got married in the hospital’s emergency room.

The Pennsylvania man began experiencing health problems before the ceremony. He initially thought that the uncomfortable feeling was due to his fitted suit and tie.

However, Bob Adams, 68, of North Huntingdon, soon realized that he was in serious medical trouble.

“I thought it was an anxiety attack, but the next thing I knew I was having a medical problem,” Adams said.

Adams wanted to marry his fiancee before going to the hospital. However, the paramedics who attended to him, insisted on taking him to the hospital.

Adams was taken to the Forbes Hospital where he married his fiancee Mary Pizzuto after being treated for the heart attack.

Reverend John Gropp went along with the couple to the hospital where he officiated the wedding.

The couple originally met 36 years ago and then lost contact. They reconnected after Adams found her photo on Facebook, which Pizzuto’s niece posted.