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Grandfather calls police when his 17-year-old grandson became violent because he called him a lazy man

By Mason White 12:39 PM May 1, 2014
Justin Friel 

By: Devansh Dutt
Police responded to a domestic disturbance after a grandfather called his teen grandson a lazy person, police in Ohio said.

72-year-old Edward Friel, who has custody of his 17-year-old grandson Justin Friel, told responding officers that his grandson is lazy and does nothing around the house.

Edward Friel of Lorain County, said that he had asked Justin to do some work at home, but he continued to play games on his computer. That is when Edward Friel decided to cut the Internet cable because Justin was not listening to him.

The grandfather reported that as a result of cutting the Internet cable Justin became very angry and punched a hole in the kitchen wall. Justin also insulted his grandfather and walked out of the house.

Edward Friel however, refused to press charges against his grandson for damaging his kitchen. The Lorain County Sheriff’s Office closed the case.