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Three women arrested for twerking while exposing their privates in front of government office

By Mason White 10:42 AM May 2, 2014
The three suspects 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Three women were arrested after they decided to expose themselves while twerking.

Police arrested the three women for lewd conduct after twerking outside Beaverton City Hall in Oregon.

The incident began after 20-year-old Christie Velazquez went to City Hall to pay a fine.

When she arrived outside, her friends Brittany Medak, 20, and Leokham Yothsombath, 22, where waiting for her.

Two of the women started twerking in front of office windows, holding up their clothes and exposing themselves, while the other woman recorded them with her cellphone.

Medak was not done. She began urinating in the parking lot in front of onlookers.

“There are families with children coming in and out of City Hall,” Mike Rowe of the Beaverton Police Department said.

“The twerking was fine, but the fact that they were exposing their genitals and one of them urinated in public is concerning. They can dance as much as they want on the sidewalk as long as it is not done in a way that is offensive,” he added.

The women then drove off, but an officer pulled them over. The officer found drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and prescription pills on them, police said.

All three women now face a list of charges including drug possession and disorderly conduct. Medak is facing an additional charge of offensive littering for urinating in public.