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60 students arrested in midnight school prank gone wrong

By Mason White 11:02 AM May 2, 2014
Broken chair and desk illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) Police officers in New Jersey, showed up to a school after an alarm when off.

When they arrived, officers were shocked to find that it was no ordinary burglary.

They found 60 students in the school as they were preparing to prank other students, who were supposed to arrive the next morning.

The students smeared Vaseline on doorknobs, flipped over desks and chairs, and urinated in the school halls.

Many students were seniors of the Teaneck High School. They were arrested and charged. Twenty-four 18 year olds face burglary and criminal mischief charges.

Officers also arrested 38 juvenile students. They were not booked into jail. They were released to their parents.

A police officer said that when they showed up, some tried to run from the school and those who were caught, looked shocked and remorseful.

The students entered the school about 1:00 a.m., and were in the building for about an hour before police arrived.

Students have allegedly been planning the prank for about a month, but it was never supposed to get out of hand the way it did.

All the students involved will be facing disciplinary actions from school officials.