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Man cuts off his own penis after walking in on wife having sex with his son

By Mason White 10:49 AM May 4, 2014
The 45-year-old man 

By: Hydar Tomar
A man of Brazil, who became extremely distraught over his wife’s cheating, hacked off his own penis.

The 45-year-old man was seen dancing on the street after he cut off his own genitals and someone recorded the incident.

On the video, which was uploaded to LiveLeak, the man is heard saying that he found his son to having sex with his wife.

After witnessing his son and his wife in bed together, the man, who is believed to have been high on drugs, grabbed a 6 inch knife, took his clothes off and went outside.

On the street, the 45-year-old man cut off his manhood and threw it on the floor. He then danced in front of onlookers who recorded him.

Police were called and they took the man along with his severed parts to a hospital. The man is said to be in stable condition.