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Married teacher caught with photos of student’s private parts in her phone

By Mason White 10:50 AM May 4, 2014
Elizabeth Alexander insert 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she admitted to asking her student to send her photos of his private parts.

The teacher allegedly also admitted to having physical contact with the 15 year old in her classroom.

According to police, the teacher admitted that the two kissed and fondled each other in her classroom.

The arrest report states that the 26-year-old teacher of Kentucky, is a wife, mother, and high school teacher, who is now facing charges for sexual abuse of a minor.

Capt. Robert Swanigan of the Georgetown Police Department, said that they arrested the teacher as soon as they learned of the allegations.

Elizabeth Alexander was a social studies teacher at the Scott County school in Lexington, when she was charged with sexual abuse of a minor and the use of a child under 16 in a sexual performance.

Police said that the teacher admitted to having an inappropriate relationship with 15-year-old student.