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Parents angry after school allows boy, 9, to live as transgender girl

By Mason White 12:02 PM May 4, 2014
Keat Rhodes before and after 

By: Aarav Sen
(Scroll down for video) Parents are angry that their children are exposed to a young transgender girl.

Keat Rhodes looks like any other 9-year-old girl in her pink dress, but she was actually born a male.

According to her parents, Rhodes showed signs of identifying herself as a girl since she was very young.

Rhodes always wanted to play with girly toys and dolls.
She was nothing like her younger brother, who played with boy toys.

When Rhodes was only seven years old ,she was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and began her transition from a boy to a girl.

Since then, she has undergone a transformation, with the support of her adoptive parents Clint LeVan, 41, and Emily LeVan, 36, of Ohio.

In the coming years, Rhodes will undergo a treatment to complete her transition from male to female.

Rhodes is very happy with her transformation. Although she has the full support of her parents, many people in the community are angry with her parents for allowing such a young child to make this huge and lifelong decision.

Rhodes became the subject of a Facebook hate campaign, where her parents were accused of child abuse. One parent said that he will go to school and knock the boy back into Rhodes, according to her mother.

The family is struggling against backlash of their decision and are trying to give Rhodes the most normal life as possible.