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New ‘Hook-Up Truck’ allows couples to have sex on the go

By Mason White 11:51 AM May 5, 2014
Couple on the Hook-Up Truck 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
(Scroll down for video) Couples who feel uncomfortable with having sex in public like in a park or in the back of a car, can now have sex inside the “Hook-Up Truck.”

The Hook-Up Truck, is a white truck with a private room for sex on the street. It made its debut in Oakland, California.

“Better than some motels that I have been recently,” one woman who had sex in the Hook-Up Truck, said. Artist Spy Emerson designed the Hook-Up Truck.

Andy Kuntz, who offered the truck for the project, said that one day there might be a whole fleet of Hook-Up Trucks. The Hook-Up Truck is part performance art, part social experiment, and part test-run for a real business.

While services were free over the first weekend, Emerson plans to eventually charge people for their time in the truck. He also plans to franchise the sex on wheels idea in other cities.

The rates will range from $75 for 30 minutes to $2,500 for a 5 hour party.