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Principal fired for having sex with employees and parent during school hours

By Mason White 1:39 PM May 5, 2014
Annie Schmutz Seifullah 

By: Hydar Tomar
A school principal in New York City, had sex with people in her office while leaving incriminating evidence on her school computers.

School officials allegedly found photos of Annie Schmutz Seifullah, 35, dressed in sexy underwear while having sex with school employees and a parent.

The incident came to light after her affair with a student’s father came to a bitter end. The lover, seeking revenge, told police to review her laptops for the evidence of their affair.

The high school principal has been accused of sleeping with a guard, the assistant principal and the parent on campus while classes were in session.

Seifullah, was principal of the 7th to 12th grades at the Robert Wagner Secondary School of Arts and Technology, in Long Island City, Queens.

Detectives seized computers and other electronic devices from her office and home.

According to school officials, the school does not have a policy that prohibits workers from dating colleagues or parents of students. However, performing sexual acts inside the school or uploading sexual images on school equipment could bring about misconduct charges.