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Woman jailed for 6 years after threatening her former boyfriend with false rape charges

By Mason White 1:47 PM May 5, 2014
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By: Devansh Dutt
A Chinese woman will spend the next six years in prison for attempting to extort money from her former boyfriend.

The woman threatened to hand over a sex video of the two to police and report that she was raped unless he paid her off.

The woman of Hunan Province, has been sentenced to six years in prison in the Baoshan District for trying to blackmail her former boyfriend into giving her money.

Yang Fangfang asked her former boyfriend, who is from a rich family, to give her 1.5 million yuan ($240,000) in cash plus an expensive antique item that he had in his possession, or else she will file a rape claim.

The sex video was made after the two had broken up. The two had been dating for a while, but after the two broke up, Fangfang asked the man to meet her at a hotel, the court heard.

The couple ended up having sex at the hotel and Fangfang recorded the act with a hidden video camera that she had set up in advance, according to court documents.

Two days later, she called the man, and informed him about the sex video she made and demanded money.

The man agreed to meet her on a later date. Meanwhile, he contacted the police. Together they came up with a plan to nail the woman for extortion.

After they exchanged money at a restaurant in the Baoshan District, police officers arrested Yang.

Yang told police that she blackmailed the man because her family was poor and needed money.

In addition to her six year prison sentence, she was also ordered to pay a 10,000 yen (about $1,600) fine.