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Little boy drowns in creek during birthday celebration (video)

By Mason White 12:33 PM May 6, 2014
Creek illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A little boy is dead after he drowned in a creek during a birthday party, police in Maryland said.

Anne Arundel County Police said that the birthday celebration turned tragic when one of the guests drowned in the backyard creek.

The incident happened when a relative brought 4-year-old Jaden Dixon to a house located in the 1100 block of Marley Creek Drive. Many people attended the party.

At some point, guests noticed that Dixon was gone. A quick search led everyone to the backyard, where they discovered the boy floating in the water. They pulled him to the shore and began CPR.

Police believe that the death was a result of an accident and they do not plan to file any charges. The local police department is urging parents to learn CPR in memory of the 4-year-old boy.