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Two 10-year-old boys arrested after spiking their teacher’s coffee with bleach

By Mason White 12:40 PM May 6, 2014
Emma Place 

By: Anika Rao
Two school children were arrested after they poisoned their teacher’s coffee with bleach, police in the United Kingdom said.

Police warned that attacks against teachers are soaring following the stabbing death of Anna Maguire in Leeds.

The two 10-year-old boys were detained after spiking their teacher’s coffee with a homemade concoction believed to contain household soaps. The children poured the substance into a coffee on the teacher’s desk while her back was facing the students.

Luckily, Emma Place was warned before she took a sip. The incident occurred at the Clapham Terrace Community Primary School in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.

Police said that the children were not charged with crimes and that the school disciplined them. The school refused to say how they punished the children.

The students will receive ongoing guidance and counseling within the school. The school also said that the case was an isolated incident.