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Man finds himself locked inside bank after passing out on drugs in bathroom

By Mason White 12:41 PM May 6, 2014
Christopher Anderson 

By: Sanvi Rizvi
A man locked himself inside a bank after passing out on drugs inside a bank bathroom, police in West Virginia said.

Huntington Police said that the man panicked after waking up and discovering that he was locked inside the bank.

32-year-old Christopher Anderson of Huntington called police on Friday night, to report that he was trapped inside the C&O Credit Union. According to the initial police investigation, Anderson had entered the business when it was open, went into the second floor bathroom and began using heroin.

The drugs caused him to pass out, and when he woke up several hours later, the credit union was closed. Anderson was arrested for misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance.
Police warned business owners that they have received several reports of drug addicts using public restrooms. They urged the public to be vigilant, and constantly inspect public restrooms for suspicious persons or activity.