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Woman arrested after having sex with strange man in airplane bathroom while her parents were nearby

By Mason White 1:47 PM May 6, 2014
Virgin Atlantic airlines illustration 

By: Hydar Tomar
(Scroll down for video) A woman was arrested after she was heard having sex in the bathroom of an airplane.

The woman was traveling with her parents on the airplane when she decided to have sex with a man, who she just met.

The British woman, in her 20s, was arrested after losing her temper with flight attendants, who caught her having sex in the public bathroom.

The apparently drunk woman was handcuffed to her seat by Virgin Atlantic flight attendants to the horror of her parents, who were sitting nearby.

The family was on an 11 hour flight from Gatwick, London, United Kingdom, to Las Vegas, Nevada, when the young woman struck up a friendship with the man sitting in the next seat.

They disappeared, and went to the toilet where they reportedly had sex. Travelers who wanted to use the bathroom, complained of hearing noises from inside.

Flight attendants forced the door open. That is when the drunk woman allegedly became belligerent.

The woman was taken into custody and questioned by police. She was later released with a warning. She was allowed to continue her vacation at a Nevada resort.