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Man locks his former wife inside his basement after she married another man

By Mason White 2:00 PM May 6, 2014
Lin Yan being rescued 

By: Devansh Dutt
A woman who went missing without a trace, was found locked up in the basement of her former husband.

The woman’s new husband filed a missing persons report after Lin Yan, 35, failed to come home.

However, authorities were unable to locate her and found no trace of the woman after she vanished. That changed when officials were conducting a census in the city of Deyang, China.

When official went to the home of Lin Dajun, 40, and questioned him about how many people lived in his home, he became uncomfortable and irritated.

The workers then heard noises coming from the basement and went to investigate. They found Dajun’s former wife chained and locked up.

The woman told authorities that her first husband lured her to his house to “chat.” However, he then forced her into his basement and threatened to kill her if she left.

The woman lived in the basement for a while before being rescued. The woman said that her former husband allowed her to walk around his property when he was home, but chained her inside when he left.

“The woman was scared into submission and feared being killed if she dared to escape,” police spokesman said.

“He was fixated on her, and could not accept the fact that she had left him, so he decided to imprison her,” the spokesperson added.

Dajun was arrested. He is now facing kidnapping and unlawful imprisonment charges.