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Tenant tells police that Satan pushed him to rape and kill his landlord’s 4-year-old daughter

By Mason White 11:06 AM May 7, 2014

By: Aarav Sen
A tenant was arrested for rape and murder after luring a little girl into the woods, where he raped and killed her, police in Nigeria said.

Ohekelem Police said that 18-year-old Franklin Njoku, who rented a room in a house belonging to Eze, lured Eze’s four-year-old daughter into the woods where he murdered her.

The little girl was found hanging on a palm tree near the family home. An autopsy report stated that 4-year-old Gloria, was raped and strangled.

According to the initial police investigation, when Njoku rented the room from the Eze family he became close to all family members, including the little girl.

However, Njoku showed a special interest in the four-year-old girl and he gave her gifts. The parents did not suspect that something was wrong.

After luring the girl to the woods, Njoku raped the girl and strangled her. To cover his tracks, Njoku tied a rope around her neck and hanged her on the tree branch.

When questioned, the suspect admitted to the crime saying that he was pushed to do so by Satan. He was charged with rape and murder.