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Man reunited with woman 58 years after finding her as a newborn abandoned in the woods

By Mason White 11:14 AM May 7, 2014
Dave Hickman with photo of the baby he found 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) It was an emotional reunion for a woman and a man, who saved her life many years ago.

Dave Hickman was out hunting with his grandfather in Indiana, as he did many times before.

However, when he was just 14 years old and was getting ready to hunt, he heard a strange noise coming from the woods.

It did not sound like an animal or a child. “It was a soft cooing sound,” Hickman said.

He climbed on top of a fence to investigate. He looked down and saw a newborn baby laying on the cold floor wrapped in a towel. “She was wet and her lips were blue,” he added.

The two called the authorities, who took the baby. After she was treated the child was taken to child services.

It was September 22, 1955. It is a day Hickman never forgot. He was also unable to forget the sight of the baby laying on the cold wet floor.

Two weeks later, before the baby was adopted, Hickman was called and given the opportunity to say goodby to the baby girl he saved.

“Not a day went by without me thinking of that baby,” he said.

Hickman spent the next 58 years trying to track her down. The adopted parents changed her name so it was hard to locate her. However, after many years, he finally got to meet Mary Ellen Suey.

Many friends and family members were with the two at the meeting. Suey hugged Hickman and thanked him for saving her life.