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Man kills himself after keeping his dead mother in freezer to collect her Social Security checks

By Mason White 11:44 AM May 8, 2014
Jon Whiteford 

By: Anika Rao
(Scroll down for video) A man committed suicide as police officers were wrapping up an investigation into the disappearance of his mother, police in Kentucky said.

The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office said that the man kept his dead mother in a freezer for three years, while spending her Social Security checks.

This week, the suspect killed himself as police tried to unravel the mystery of what happened to her. According to the police investigation, Jon Whiteford dumped the body of his mother, Faye B. Whiteford, who would have been 96 years old this year, in an empty house after being forced out of the house he shared with his mother.

A detective found the body wrapped in a tarp and laying in the yard. The investigation began several months ago, when federal investigators contacted the local police department to locate Faye Whiteford, a retired school teacher, and her son.

The Social Security Administration was paying monthly benefits to Faye Whiteford, but they had not received a medical claim on her behalf for about three years, an obvious red flag, given her age. Detectives went to the home of Whiteford in Science Hill, but it was empty.

In March, police found Jon Whiteford, 59, when he went to the Social Security office in Somerset, to apply for benefits on his behalf. Whiteford told police that his home had been foreclosed and had been living in his car.

He also confirmed that his mother had died, but refused to say how or when she died, or tell them where her body was. As police investigated, they found out that Jon Whiteford was staying in a house next to where he had lived with his mother in Science Hill.

An officer went to the house on March 29 to talk to Whiteford. As the officer was at the door, Whiteford pulled a gun and killed himself.

According to test results, Whiteford died about 3 years ago and her body was kept in a freezer.